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app name/website note type category tags summary rating
1password 1Password macOS
adobe-acrobat Adobe Acrobat macOS
adobe-illustrator Adobe Illustrator macOS
adobe-indesign Adobe InDesign macOS
adobe-photoshop Adobe Photoshop macOS
alfred Alfred [note] macOS productivity boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
anytrans AnyTrans macOS
aquarelo Aquarelo macOS Improve, convert and scan your colors.
atext aText macOS aText is a text template, text shortcut, text macro, text automation, text expansion tool.
atom Atom [note] macOS A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
audirvana-studio Audirvana Studio macOS The high-resolution digital audio player
bartender Bartender macOS Take control of your menu bar
brave-browser Brave Browser macOS
cleanmymac CleanMyMac X macOS Your Mac. As good as new.
cleanshot-x CleanShot X macOS Capture your Mac’s screen like a pro.
cloudapp CloudApp [note] macOS Visual communication for every team
contour-shuttle Contour Shuttle macOS Take control of your multimedia work. Single-handedly.
daisydisk DaisyDisk macOS Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac
dash Dash macOS API Documentation Browser, Snippet Manager
default-folder-x Default Folder X macOS enhances the Open and Save dialogs in all of your applications
descript Descript [note] macOS All-in-one audio/video editing, as easy as a doc.
dropbox Dropbox macOS brings everything—traditional files, cloud content, and web shortcuts—together in one place.
eagle Eagle macOS sales productivity Organize all your reference images in one place ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
easyfind EasyFind macOS EasyFind finds files and folders by name, content, tags, or comments using advanced Boolean operators
espanso Espanso [note] macOS A hackable, privacy-first, cross-platform Text Expander
excel Microsoft Excel [note] macOS
fantastical Fantastical macOS sales calendaring productivity An expensive calendar option I can't work without. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
fig Fig [note] SaaS Your terminal, reimagined
find-any-file Find Any File macOS FAF can find files that Spotlight doesn't
firefox Firefox macOS
follow-up-then Follow Up Then [note] SaaS Easy Email Reminders. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
gemini Gemini macOS The Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac.
github-desktop GitHub Desktop macOS
goodnotes GoodNotes iPadOS Best Note-Taking App for iPad
google-chrome Google Chrome macOS
gpg GPG Keychain [note] macOS allows you to manage your OpenPGP keys.
grist Grist [note] SaaS The Evolution of Spreadsheets
hazel Hazel [note] macOS Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create.
iina IINA [note] macOS The modern media player for macOS
imageoptim ImageOptim macOS better Save for Web
just-press-record Just Press Record [note] macOS A record button everywhere, ready to go when you need it.
ledger-live Ledger Live macOS
logi-options Logi Options macOS ⭐️⭐️⭐️
macvim MacVim macOS
meta Meta macOS Professional Music Tag Editor for Mac
microsoft-edge Microsoft Edge macOS
microsoft-powerpoint Microsoft PowerPoint macOS
microsoft-word Microsoft Word macOS
moom Moom [note] macOS Moom allows you to easily move and zoom windows—on one display, or to another display—using either the mouse or the keyboard.
notion Notion macOS
omnigraffle OmniGraffle macOS Visual Communication Software To Make Pro Diagrams
pathfinder Path Finder [note] macOS File manager for macOS
permute Permute macOS Media Converter for macOS
picgif-lite PicGIF Lite macOS Quick GIF Maker for Making Animated GIFs with Ease
pixelsnap PixelSnap [note] macOS The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen
promptsmart PromptSmart [note] macOS “smart” teleprompter app with patented VoiceTrack™ speech recognition technology
protonvpn ProtonVPN macOS Swiss-based VPN - Browse privately on up to 10 devices with unlimited bandwidth and high speed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
pulltube Pulltube [note] macOS online video downloader
readwise Readwise [note] SaaS Readwise surfaces your best book highlights back to you at the right times, and let you review them every day with the daily email and app.
safari Safari macOS
scansnap ScanSnap macOS
screenflow ScreenFlow [note] macOS Video Editing and Screen Recording Software
setapp Setapp [note] macOS The best apps for Mac in one subscription
signal Signal macOS A privacy-focused messenger, combining all the features you expect. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
skype Skype macOS
slack Slack macOS Your digital HQ
snippetslab SnippetsLab [note] macOS Keep Your Code At Your Fingertips ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
spark Spark [note] macOS The best email client for iPhone, iPad, and Mac ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
speedtest Speedtest macOS The Global Broadband Speed Test
stream-deck Stream Deck macOS
sublime-text Sublime Text macOS text editors programming productivity Text Editing, Done Right
tableplus TablePlus macOS Database management of the future
telegram-lite Telegram Lite macOS
textmate TextMate macOS Text editor for macOS
things Things [note] macOS personal task manager
tidal TIDAL macOS High Fidelity Music Streaming
tor Tor Browser macOS Protect yourself against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.
trickster Trickster macOS Your recently used files, at your fingertips!
ulysses Ulysses [note] macOS The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
unifi UniFi macOS
vlc VLC macOS free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols.
vs-code Visual Studio Code [note] macOS programming Code Editing. Redefined ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
wavelink WaveLink macOS Audio Mixing
wifi-explorer WiFi Explorer macOS Wi-Fi Scanner and Analyzer for Mac
you You [note] SaaS The search engine you control.
zoom macOS

Used: 33 apps

app name/website note type category tags summary rating
4k-video-downloader 4K Video Downloader [note] macOS productivity
adblock AdBlock macOS
airtable Airtable macOS productivity
boxy-for-calendar Boxy for Calendar macOS
busycal BusyCal macOS
elmedia-player Elmedia Player macOS audio video Elmedia Player is a Mac video player that offers advanced playback and streaming options.
forklift ForkLift macOS productivity most advanced file manager and FTP client for macOS
freedom Freedom [note] macOS
ghost Ghost macOS The simple, powerful WordPress alternative
handbrake HandBrake macOS Open Source Video Transcoder
historyhound HistoryHound macOS HistoryHound lets you do a fast keyword search on the entire content of all web pages and RSS feeds you've visited recently, plus all those that you've bookmarked.
istat-menus iStat Menus macOS can notify you of an incredibly wide range of events, based on CPU, GPU, memory, disks, network, sensors, battery, power and weather.
media-center Media Center macOS
memory-clean-2 Memory Clean 2 macOS
microsoft-outlook Microsoft Outlook macOS email
omnifocus OmniFocus macOS
pastebot Pastebot macOS clipboard manager productivity powerful clipboard manager for the Mac.
pixelstick PixelStick macOS Mac App To Measure Pixel, Angle, Color Onscreen
postbox Postbox macOS email productivity The Power Email App
presentify Presentify macOS
pycharm PyCharm macOS IDE programming the Python IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains ⭐️⭐️⭐️
slate Slate macOS Open-source Window Management application
snagit Snagit macOS screen capture productivity Screen Capture Software
spotify Spotify macOS audio
switchresx SwitchResX macOS The Most Versatile Tool For Controlling Screen Resolutions
table-tool Table Tool macOS A simple CSV editor for the Mac
tablecruncher Tablecruncher macOS Lightweight CSV editor for your Mac
timelime Timelime macOS
trello Trello macOS
vimeo Vimeo macOS still using online, stopped using the app: horrifyingly slow to upload!
vox VOX macOS audio FLAC Player for Mac.
whisk Whisk macOS programming lightweight Mac app for HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript development.
xscope xScope macOS Measure. Inspect. Test.

Radar: 107 apps

name/website note type category tags summary
Eleventy, a simpler static site generator SaaS Eleventy, a simpler static site generator
Abstra Cloud SaaS Free online UIs for your Python scripts
Arcade SaaS Create Interactive Product Demos
Betafi SaaS the Unified User Research Platform
Faster. Better. More focused. Reading. SaaS Faster. Better. More focused. Reading.
BRYTER Service Automation SaaS The No
Causal SaaS The Business Planning Platform
Clear SaaS Improve your metabolic health with blood glucose monitoring
Closely SaaS sales lead intelligence sales automation Find, engage and convert an ideal prospect into a customer, all in one lead intelligence and sales automation platform
CodeKit SaaS THE Mac App for Web Developers
Consensus SaaS Evidence
Contra SaaS Contra - Everything you need to launch, build, and grow
your Independent career. SaaS Write better marketing copy and content with AI
Copysmith SaaS The AI Copywriting Software For eCommerce Teams & Agencies
Cycle SaaS Turn product feedback into customer love
Demodesk SaaS The sales meeting platform
Demostack SaaS The no
Denigma SaaS AI that reads and explains code in understandable english
Emlen sales Manage, Share & Track your Sales Content in a new way.
Encryption Infrastructure SaaS Evervault
Image Extractor SaaS From any public website by using a virtual browser
Favicon Generator SaaS Image to Favicon
How to fix 'zsh SaaS command not found
folk SaaS Next generation CRM for teams
Genei sales AI-powered summarisation & research tool
CyberLeads SaaS sales Find new clients for your agency business
Revue SaaS An editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers.
ProductHunt SaaS Smartcue
VoiceLine SaaS sales engagement Work with Voice
jigish/slate SaaS A window management application (replacement for Divvy/SizeUp/ShiftIt)
imapbox/ at master SaaS polo2ro/imapbox
jigish/slate SaaS A window management application (replacement for Divvy/SizeUp/ShiftIt)
mikeroyal/Apple SaaS Silicon
vinta/awesome SaaS python: A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources
Tango SaaS screenshots, training, & documentation - Chrome Web Store
Ethernet Cables Types SaaS Cat 3, 5, 5e, 6, 6a, 7, 8 Wires Explained
Headroom sales AI for meetings
Email Automation & CRM Designed to Spark Productivity SaaS Hexospark
HyperComply SaaS sales Automate security questionnaires with HyperComply - Security reviews, solved
Hypotenuse AI SaaS AI Writing Assistant and Text Generator
Email Preview & Email Testing Tool SaaS Inbox Pirates
iTerm2 SaaS macOS Terminal Replacement
Jasper SaaS The Best AI Writing Assistant
Jiffy Reader SaaS Jiffy Reader
ZOE SaaS Understand how food affects your body
Klenty sales The Sales Engagement Platform that gets more replies and meetings booked
Product Hunt SaaS Lawpath
Lawtrades sales Leverage flexible legal talent
LBRY macOS LBRY does to publishing, what Bitcoin did to money.
Let’s Enhance SaaS Image Quality Online App & Free Photo Enlarger
Fancy Text Generator for Linkedin ― LingoJam SaaS Fancy Text Generator for Linkedin ― LingoJam
The Best Mail Merge in Gmail for Personalized Mass Emails SaaS
Mailmodo SaaS Best Interactive Email Marketing Software
Manna Drone Delivery SaaS Manna Drone Delivery
Mattermost SaaS Open Source Collaboration for Developers
Mem SaaS ai organizing workspace
Nektar SaaS Close revenue faster with Better CRM Data
Nova Code Editor from Panic SaaS Nova Code Editor from Panic
Obsidian SaaS A second brain, for you, forever.
Omnisearch SaaS Make everything on your site searchable
Palette SaaS sales Design, manage and optimize sales commission plans
Paperless SaaS Integrated & Scalable Document Workflows
PastePixel SaaS Email tracking made easy
Peerlist SaaS Your most meaningful professional network
PoPClip SaaS automation productivity PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac
Pitch SaaS Collaborative presentation software for modern teams
LUMI Keys SaaS Portable illuminated keyboard for learning piano
HyperComply SaaS Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2022
ExifRenamer SaaS ExifRenamer
Quick API — Monetise private data with API SaaS
Online Video Maker SaaS Video Creation Software
Best airguns brands SaaS airguns
Retorio SaaS video AI that reveals personality across talent management
Rows SaaS
Runway SaaS Online Video Editor - Everything you need to edit video, fast. SaaS Microscope Photography Art Video Film Services Book Lectures Talks
SavvyCal SaaS sales scheduling Scheduling Software Everyone Will Love · SavvyCal - The thoughtful way to find a time to meet
Secureframe SaaS sales RFP Automated Security and Compliance Software - The modern all-in-one governance, risk, and compliance platform
SellX SaaS Effortlessly source, manage & scale remote sales talent
Sesh SaaS Better meetings
Skaled SaaS Creating the Future of Sales
Email Warm SaaS up • Always reach the inbox
Streamlit • The fastest way to build and share data apps SaaS
AI Picasso SaaS SaaS AI-powered video summaries
Supernormal SaaS AI That Writes Your Meeting Notes
Synthesia SaaS sales AI Video Generation Platform
Tango sales Document what you’re doing, instantly. Free browser extension that generates beautiful step-by-step guides while you work.
Homepage SaaS Teta
Textualize SaaS
Using Slate SaaS A Hacker's Window Manager for Macs
Travis SaaS Free Visual Travel Planner - Road Trip Planner App
Fix Couldn't find ffmpeg or avconv in pydub SaaS Python Tutorial
Tweetic SaaS Convert Tweets to Static HTML
“one sec” SaaS Shortcuts Automation app SaaS Free No
Usearch SaaS ai API Using cutting-edge AI technology based on recent breakthroughs in the realm of neuroscience, our Web Search API displays the most accurate, relevant search results.
Jimo SaaS Engage your users in your product life cycle.
Optimal Layout SaaS Optimal Layout
WorkHub SaaS sales communication Team Communication & Collaboration
No Code Chatbot Platform SaaS Free Chatbot Platform
Photosonic AI Art Generator SaaS ai Create Unique Images with AI
you SaaS tldr
Two Minute Papers SaaS YouTube
ProFind SaaS home office productivity Find like a pro. SaaS Build or share your desktop setup