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15 Nov 2022

Looking to add an internet connection for redundancy. My 1Gbps cable connection is great when it works, but rather unreliable with regular dropouts.

Could go with a DSL line - cheaper - but I like the independance from the physical network that comes with Satellite connectivity (you never know) and prefer "investing" in Starlink rather than give my money to an old-fashioned telecoms provider.

See also Load Balancing my internet connection

Throttling at 1Tb introduced in Nov '22 in US:


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Ordered Pipe Adapter: Starlink_Pipe_Adapter_Guide_Rectangular.pdf

Factory Reset

Power cycle Starlink (unplug the router from power and then plug back in) 3 times in a row. The router will take a few minutes to reboot, and will interrupt your service until you set up again. You can expect the light on the bottom of the router to be illuminated when complete. There are no lights on the front of the router.