My B2B Sales Playbook

Sales is a game after all.

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24 Mar 2023

Goal is to make this the landing page structuring all topics & related notes.

What is a playbook?

I think the term "playbook" comes from American sports where coaches will have a book with all the plays they can run. TBC.

For a formal explanation:

A sales playbook is a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures that sales teams use to improve their sales effectiveness, close more deals, and increase revenue. A sales playbook typically includes detailed information about the sales process, prospecting techniques, sales pitch strategies, objection handling tactics, and closing methods.

Sales playbooks are designed to provide sales reps with a roadmap to success by outlining the most effective ways to engage with potential customers and navigate the sales process. They are often created and customized by sales leaders, based on the organization's specific sales goals and market dynamics, and can be continuously updated and improved over time.

Sales playbooks may also include best practices for collaboration between sales and marketing teams, customer relationship management, and sales metrics and KPIs. Ultimately, a sales playbook serves as a valuable resource for sales teams to help them streamline their sales process, improve their performance, and ultimately close more deals.

My Playbook

This section and associated notes aim to provide my framework for a B2B Sales playbook.

It's a framework only, as each playbook will look/be different - context matters a lot.

Also, it's my personal playbook, so it's particular to me, with a heavy emphasis on Technology (both what is being sold & how).

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The Sales Process

The B2B Sales Process


Prospecting in B2B Sales

Definition of prospecting

Types of prospects

Ideal customer profile

How to build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Lead generation strategies

Lead Generation Plan

Prospecting techniques

Tools for prospecting


Definition of qualification

B2B Sales Qualification Methodologies

Criteria for qualifying prospects

Qualification techniques

Tools for qualification

Needs Assessment

Definition of needs assessment

Techniques for needs assessment

Tools for needs assessment


How to run Sales Demos

Definition of demonstration

Types of demonstrations

Best practices for conducting a demonstration

Tools for conducting a demonstration


Proposals in B2B Sales

Definition of proposal

Best practices for creating a proposal

Tools for creating a proposal


The Closing stage in B2B Sales

Definition of closing

Techniques for closing

Tools for closing

Objection Handling

Best practices for objection handling in B2B sales

Overview of objection handling

Common objections and how to handle them

Best practices for objection handling

Tools for objection handling

Sales Metrics and KPIs

B2B Sales Metrics

Overview of sales metrics and KPIs

Key metrics and KPIs for the sales team

How to track and analyze sales metrics

Best practices for using sales metrics to improve performance

Collaboration with Marketing

Overview of the marketing and sales relationship

Best practices for collaborating with the marketing team

How to use marketing materials in the sales process

Customer Success

CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Overview of customer relationship management

Best practices for managing customer relationships

Tools for customer relationship management