online price calculator template for B2B

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26 Nov 2022

In all my Sales roles I have recreated an interactive version of the company's rate card (pricelist) to be more useful/impactful - using Excel!

For my next role(s), I'm thinking it could be good to have a framework to use to create quickly something but available online this time.

Makes it easy to share (just a link, always the latest version)


  • generate online pricelist based on tabular input (Excel, CSV, API, etc..)
  • ability to change quantities to see total
  • lengthy item description hidden with "Show more" button
  • links for each item to dedicate resources where available (eg page on website describing the feature)
  • distinction between Software/SaaS & Services.
  • logic to "unlock" a version where discounts can be applied.
  • ability to save one's budget calculation. v1: download as CSV/PDF, v2 (webapp): save as link to share.
  • ability to gate access with email address to unlock (whitelisting specific emails or entire domains)


Basic example:


with code at: