Home Office Setup

My over-the-top setup

Update 28 Sep 2022
- upgraded my Kinesis keyboard to the newest model
- see !home-office/kinesis

Update 10 Sep 2022
- upgraded my KLIM gaming chair to the Herman Miller x Logitech Embody chair
- see !home-office/herman-miller-embody

Update 30 Jun 2022
- added Mac Studio as primary computer (Mac Mini as secondary)
- removed the eGPU as the Mac Studio can drive 4 screens itself
- added one monitor (5 total)
- one monitor set vertically (amazing!)

Original post: Home Office Setup

At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, with everything and everyone moving to online meetings, I wanted to step up my game with regard to my experience with them.

This included revamping my home office entirely.

Overall, I love working, computers, and spend a lot of time at my desk - investing in the best setup possible, constantly improving, has become a passion.

This setup enables me to:

  • have a very professional online appearance, live or for recordings (IRL I used to spend a lot on suits, so that free'd up budget 😇 )
  • increase my productivity / output drastically
  • make me feel like a ninja.. or having my own Batcave station... geek joy 🤓

While my setup might be seen as an overkill by most, the investment is more than worth it, for me. To each their own :)

Keeping in mind my computer use is wider than most:

  • Business
  • Online Sales Demos
  • Programming (Python) / 100+ scripts (always at least one running in the background)
  • Database Management
  • Graphic Design (eg Sales graphics)
  • Video Editing (eg Sales videos)
  • Hi-Fi (lossless playback)
  • and more (eg testing 3D design tools, etc..)



Focus on Controllers

I am a fan of using the right tool for the job.

Case in point, I use 7 different types of input control devices on my desktop! 😁 And feel handicapped without them now.

Highly recommend each, battle-tested.


From left to right:

Contour ShuttlePRO v2

for video editing of sales demo/promo videos (eg with Screenflow)... and gaining great playback controls when watching meeting recordings, ie skip, pause, fast forward, etc.. (much more efficient than attending live :)

iPad with GoodNotes (app) + Paperlike (screen protection with a paper feel)

for notes-taking, sketching ideas, etc.. App + screen protection make it a great experience, without them it does not work for me.

Elgato Streamdeck

if I had to choose only one in this list, it would be this. I have 300+ automations behind this, and keep adding more - brings your sales demos and daily work to another level. Designed by/for gamers and streamers originally. Amazing for business purposes too :) "Programmable keypad" doesn't do it any favours. Automate almost anything with it.

Keyboard Kinesis Advantage2

One year into having switched to it, and I can’t imagine working without it anymore. Steep learning curve, but amazing ergonomics and efficiency, especially with the 2 thumb keys clusters. Normal keyboards feel weirdly conceived and slow now :)

BlackMagicDesign ATEM Mini

to control your appearance and extend your possibilities during online meetings. See if your audio/video is live, hardware buttons to mute/unmute, show/hide, share your iPad screen as webcam, and much more. Designed for live streaming originally.

Logitech trackball with programmable keys

trackball makes navigating a large screen estate (eg my 4x screens) a breeze + sifting through emails and browser tabs only with the mouse thanks to the programmable keys (mark read, delete, etc..)

Apple Magic Trackpad

for navigating large images or documents, especially in apps like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc..

Full Home Office Setup

Here is a detailed list of the components of my setup:






Desk Accessories


My 2nd Kinesis keyboard, after using the Advantage2 for a couple years. The 360 is a game changer for me.

See !home-office/kinesis




for Mac Studio

for Mac Mini

  • old Dell



Webcam / Camera

Home office in the future

... will be using VR / "spatial computing"