Load Balancing my internet connection

17 Sep 2022

I'm experiencing internet connection dropouts, with my ISP unable to resolve it.

When it's working, it's working well - cable connection:


Exploring getting a 2nd internet connection (DSL) setup as a failover or load-balancing.

Resources dual WAN on Unifi

"Following these steps fixed the issue for me on the UDM pro.
Go to the device tab > Click on the UDM Pro > Go to settings on the right hand side > Expand services and set the Echo server to custom
Changing WAN2 to port 8.
Now when my ATT gateway goes down, the failover sticks to WAN2 until the ATT gateway actually comes back online with a legitimate internet connection."
from: https://www.reddit.com/r/UNIFI/comments/vomhzs/udm_pro_wan_failover_not_working/


30 Dec 2022


Example of speed test showing Starlink as provider (with max bandwidth of 200Mbps) yet 915Mbs total bandwidth:



26 Jan 2023

The UDM-SE seems to struggle to load balance between the 1Gb cable connection and Starlink's 200Mbps connection.
Running Pingee !projects/pingee was showing 20% ping drops.
Possibly due to the imbalance in bandwidth? 🤔

Switched to Failover mode and ping drops disappeared: