Unifi network

How to SSH into Unifi devices

For router:

ssh ubnt@
  • ubnt is default, can be changed (I have)

For other devices, use its IP as:

ssh ubnt@192.168.237

Reminder: password is different than the one used for Controller login.

SSH commands

infoinfoDisplays device information
set-defaultset-default Factory reset device
set-informset-inform URL of the controller for adoption.
upgradeupgrade https://<firmware-url>.binUpgrade firmware
fwupdatefwupdate --url https://<firmware-url>.bin Update firmware
rebootrebootReboot the device
poweroffpoweroffShutdown device
uptimeuptimeShows device uptime

Source & full list:

Look into SSH via Python to automate full system reboot.

Using unificontrol:

Internet Threat Management

I'm connected via ethernet as follows:

Cable modem > USG-3P > US-8 > Netgear switch > Mac Studio

My bandwidth is dropping pretty massively when activating Internet Threat Management, even on "Maximum Performance":

with ITM on "Maximum Performance":

Starting speed test with 3 runs (threads=1)...

1 [23:24:43] 28.4 Mb/s (11.5s test time)

2 [23:24:55] 44.85 Mb/s (11.8s test time)

3 [23:25:06] 28.83 Mb/s (11.2s test time)

without ITM:

Starting speed test with 3 runs (threads=1)...

1 [23:38:45] 381.05 Mb/s (9.9s test time)

2 [23:38:54] 384.47 Mb/s (9.7s test time)

3 [23:39:04] 386.43 Mb/s (9.6s test time) .

Someone on Reddit recommends to switch to the UDM Pro (€369 / €439 incl. VAT):


Source: https://dl.ui.com/ds/udm-pro

Python scripting for network management

See !projects/unifee