Meetings set

Average seems to be 10 meetings/month, ie 30/SDR/quarter:

For outbound SDRs, an average of 15 meetings booked per month is expected

Meetings booked/scheduled
5-25 meetings booked per month (Operatix)
1.3 meetings per day (Tenbound)

an Outbound SDR should produce on average 15 meetings a month, with a dropout rate of 20%, meaning 12 meetings attained/month

60 meetings/demos a month
Outbound would be 25/month maximum.
our enterprise SDRs have to book 7 meetings/month

Outbound SDRs should produce 15 meetings a month

target is 10 demos sat, per month, per SDR

An SDR typically aims to book around 10-15 meetings per month.

Tier 1: Between 15-18 meetings per month

"The ROI of ABSD: Account-Based Sales Development"

As we are discussing SDR plans for 2024, thought I'd share this interview with Lars Nilsson, VP of Global Sales Development at Snowflake (largest software IPO ever).
Trained at Xerox back in the day - thought leader in the SDR space.

Some highlights:

  • 40-60% of new business pipeline should be standard contribution of SDR team.

  • at Snowflake (250 SDRs): up to 65-70% of new business pipeline generated by SDRs.

  • in enterprise business, they are moving towards a denser model of one SDR for every two enterprise sellers (vs. 1:3 to a 1:4 SDR to sales rep ratio in verticals with denser customer populations)

  • "AE should be guiding all SDR activities"

  • relationship between SDR & AE is sacred - should be nurtured.

  • went from 40k sequences down to 73.

  • sequences by vertical, persona, use case, competitive takeout strategies.

  • with AI, forecasting going from 250 SDRs today to 50 in 5 years.

KPIs for SDR team:
- primary is pipeline contribution.
- all KPIs split across output, input & efficiency.