Best practices for objection handling in B2B sales

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Standard objection-handling

Acknowledge the objection

  • Repeat the objection to the prospect to show you understand their concern
  • Use phrases like "I see your point" or "I understand why you feel that way" to empathize with the prospect

Ask open-ended questions

  • Encourage the prospect to elaborate on their objection
  • Ask questions that will help you understand their underlying concerns

Address the objection

  • Provide information or evidence that addresses the prospect's concern
  • Explain how your product or service can help solve their problem or meet their needs
  • Use case studies, testimonials, or other evidence to support your response

Handle the objection as an opportunity

  • Use the objection as an opportunity to engage the prospect in a conversation
  • Ask follow-up questions to understand their needs and goals better
  • Use the objection as an opportunity to differentiate your product or service from competitors

Close the loop

  • Confirm with the prospect that their objection has been addressed
  • Ask if they have any other concerns or objections that need to be addressed
  • Continue the sales conversation with the prospect once their objections have been handled