Email Deliverability

a tricky topic for something as "simple" as email

05 Dec 2022

Email Setup

Configure SPF, DKIM & DMARC properly:

Check that your technical setup has been done properly.
You can use tools like MXtoolbox.

This can be all a bit technical - I recommend using a Fiverr gig to get it done properly & quickly.



eg configuration:

v=DMARC1; p=quarantine;; pct=90; sp=none as TXT file named

Check your IP reputation

Mine is:
- "Poor" :/ Need get a new one.
- listed with PBL.SPAMHAUS.ORG (!!)

Deliverability diagnostics

➤ $200/month!

Free check from Google Admin:

DMARC reports

Email Warming

To warm up an email, you can use:


Verify Emails

See Tools for email finding & validation#email-verification

Email content

To maximise deliverability when engaging a new domain for the first time:

  • no HTML
  • no files
  • no images / at least not in the first email(s) with a given domain recipient)
  • links in plain text

Email volume

To not impact your reputation, send max 100 emails/day. Start at 10/day.

Optimise for answers

Even if it's a "no", at least you can disqualify the email, while not impacting your reputation.

A/B test your sequences.