B2B Sales Consulting Framework

Assessment questions

Here are some questions to ask when first engaged in a sales consulting project:

Qualification Methodology

Sales Process

  • do you have a sales playbook?
  • what are your key challenges across your revenue function?
  • ideal customer profiles & buyer personas?
  • average, min & max sales cycle?
  • key stages of your sales pipeline, and how do you measure progress through them?
  • key metrics you use to measure the performance of your sales team, and how do you track them?
  • how do you currently manage your sales pipeline? Do you have a CRM system in place, and how is it being utilized?
  • what is your close rate?
  • biggest challenges you face in closing deals, and how are you currently addressing them?
  • percentage of closed deals replacing a similar solution (competitor displacement) vs fist-time user of a dedicated software solution (ie replacing spreadsheets, manual process, etc)?
  • lead generation strategies & tactics?
  • lead follow-up strategies & tactics?
  • objections handling?
  • pricing strategy, and how do you determine your pricing?
  • current sales goals, and how are you tracking progress towards them?
  • do you have a process in place to ensure your reps always have "outreach fodder" (ie new content, case studies, etc)?
  • is asking for referrals part of your sales process? Part of your CS playbook? How do you do it?
  • is the difference between a Coach and a Champion clear to your team?
  • do you assess for having a Champion in the account during the Sales process?
  • how do you test for having a Champion?
  • what is your current sales process?
  • do you have a sales playbook?
  • what determines a qualified opportunity?
  • how does a first touch look like for a prospect engaging your company? Do you measure response time?
  • do you have a format/template to present the business case back to your prospect/Champion?
  • are reps enabled to be flexible with pricing (up or down)?
  • how accurate is your sales forecast? Can you provide a historical overview (monthly/quarterly forecast vs actual)?

Sales Channels

  • do you sell only directly, or also via partners (Channel Sales)?
  • what proportion of revenues do Channel Sales represent?
  • what kind of partners do you work with?
  • what Channel Sales activities do you run to support your partners?
  • do you have co-selling partners? (complementary products/services, selling into each other's accounts)


  • what is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your solution?
  • what pain point do you solve for your customers?


  • how is your pricing structured?
  • how do you know your current pricing is at the right level? (experimentations conducted?)

Sales Performance

  • how many reps hit quota? Last year? This year?
  • rep attrition rate?
  • how are your comp plans structured?
  • what percentage of your total revenues does your Sales costs represent?
  • what was the split of new vs existing customers revenue last year? This year?


  • who are your competitors?
  • do you have a clear positioning against each?
  • do you run displacement campaigns?


  • what is the split of deals closed from inbound leads vs outbound?
  • what was the split of deals closed from inbound leads vs outbound?
  • are inbound leads pre-qualified in some way before being assigned to a rep?

Expansion in existing accounts

  • what expansion vectors do you have? (eg. upsell, cross-sell, new features & add-ons, etc)


  • what is your renewal rate?
  • are AEs involved in renewals or handled only by CS?
  • what tactics are used to "save" customers from churn?

Customer Success

  • how do you handle customer success?
  • how do you measure ROI for your clients? Is there a system in place to ensure clients are aware of it (when good) or tackle any issues if not?

Sales Team

  • how would you define your sales culture?
  • can you provide a short overview of each rep with their performance (against quota), tenure, key attributes/skills & key deficiencies?
  • what packages are your reps on (OTE, base + commission)?
  • are you adjusting your reps' territory/role based on their skillset (after "getting-to-know-you" period)?
  • how does the Support structure look like for your reps (Executives, Sales Engineering, Marketing, Technical Support, etc)?
  • ongoing sales team training?
  • do you have a culture & processes in place to ensure your sales team are always learning & improving?
  • do you leverage tribal knowledge in your sales team, ie replicate what works at individual level across your team? How?
  • do you run spiffs/incentives, aligned with short-term goals?
  • what are your recruiting criteria & process?

Sales Stack

SaaS metrics

  • what are the current SaaS metrics of the company? SaaS metrics


For Pricing references see B2B Sales Consulting pricing

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