personal task manager

2020 started using.

It has replaced Omnifocus, which I have used in the years prior.

Omnifocus is a great piece of software, but a bit too much / overwhelming for a personal task manager - more suited to complex needs.

I love Things' uncluttered, focused and simple experience to help manage lists of tasks and to-dos. Its integration with iOS & macOS allows to create a note/task/to-do from anywhere, easily.

20 Sep 2022 update:

Just started using home screen widgets on iOS, and the Things widget is a game changer in my use of Things.
It has increased the value of the app for me, becoming a perpetual "sticky note" of things to do whenever I glance at my phone.
So instead of (or in addition of) just checking emails, I'm reminded of things I need to do, which refocuses me.

Discovered also "Quick Entry with Autofill", so will be testing that:

requires download of a system helper to auto-fill contextual information in notes:


Using Apple Shortcuts

11 Feb 2023

shortcut action note
Cmd + 1 Go to Inbox
Cmd + 2 Go to Today
Cmd + 5 Mark as Completed custom shortcut set in macos Keyboard




how to setup a recurring daily task

Right click on a task, select "Repeat..."
Shift + Cmd + R