Proton VPN

18 Mar 2023 | in apps

27 Sep 2022

UK server IPs showing up as Romania

I just checked all UK servers as Proton support asked me to! 25 thru 32 all report back Romania IP

CLI on macOS

18 Mar 2023

Exploring how to initiate VPN via Python script. Goal is to connect at the start of a scraping script & disconnect at the end.

NOTE: ProtonVPN CLI is not available on macOS - tried the Linux CLI but it doesn't work.
sudo: apt-get: command not found
apt-get is a package manager for Debian-based Linux distributions, not macOS.


How to use the official Linux CLI

Install .deb first (see link above).


Log in using your regular Proton VPN account details using the following command:

protonvpn-cli login [Proton VPN username]

You will be prompted to enter your password.

The CLI will remember your login details between sessions.

Connect with server selection

  1. Open a list of Proton VPN servers with: protonvpn-cli connect (or protonvpn-cli c)
  2. Select a server location and click OK.
  3. Select a server at that server location and click OK.
  4. Select udp or tcp (we recommend udp unless you have a reason to choose tcp).
OR fastest server

To connect to the fastest Proton VPN server for your location, for example, enter:

protonvpn-cli c -f

Check connection status

To check your connection status, enter: protonvpn-cli status (or protonvpn-cli s)


To disconnect, enter:

protonvpn-cli disconnect (or protonvpn-cli d)


Uses homebrew.

  1. brew install openvpn
  2. brew install iproute2mac
  3. sudo pip3 install protonvpn-cli
  4. sudo protonvpn init

Init command will ask for username & password - use VPN not ProtonMail credentials:


Basic commands:

  1. protonvpn login
  2. protonvpn connect
  3. protonvpn status
  4. protonvpn disconnect

  5. Connect to fastest server: protonvpn c -f