warm up and boost your deliverability.

See also !b2b-sales/email-deliverability

Recommendation is for each address to be warmed for 1 month (!) before sending cold emails from it.

Some things to do when starting to run campaigns:
- Prioritizing engaged users: send small batches of emails to users more likely to click through and not delete to prevent getting marked as spam
- Cleaning up your database: remove inactive and lapsed recipients to increase the percentage of users clicking through
- Starting with the best you have: start with a proven, high performing campaign such as coupons or discounts to get the click-through rate up and build the IP reputation


21 Dec 2022

13 days in using Lemwarm:


21 Dec 2022


11 Jan 2023


03 Mar 2023

Switched Lemwarm to my 2nd email for the last month or so, and it seems good enough:


Cancelling subscription for now, having warmed my 2 primary emails.

23 Mar 2023

Reactivated subscription 3 weeks later 😁 - as I now need to warm up a new email address for a new client I'm working with (with domain @dryfta.com).

Started at score of 62.

13 Apr 2023

Now at 86: