Exciting AI services

Coming across new ones every day - not sure how I will keep up...

11 Mar 2023 | in ai

Speech Recognition


Whisper (Speech Recognition by OpenAI): !ai/whisper

Suggesty | Get human-like answers to your Google searches

Image creation

See also !ai/art

StockAI | AI-powered stock photo library & generator

Supermeme | AI powered original meme generator

Image Editing

ClipDrop | Create stunning visuals in seconds

Video creation

Synthesia | #1 AI Video Generation Platform

"Synthesia is a web-based platform for creating videos with AI avatars and voices. Thousands of companies use it to create videos at scale, 80% faster than before."

Video editing

Unscreen | Remove video background

Reface | Face swap videos

Text content creation

Tribescaler | Make Your Tweets Go Viral

GoCharlie | create engaging content in seconds


Excelformulabot | Excel AI Formula Generator


Durable AI Site Builder

Generate a website in 30 seconds