14 Aug 2023 | in ai

13 Aug 2023

When will we see the first fully operational & profitable 100% AI-run software company?

MetaGPT, a Github repository with 20k ⭐️ (ie open source code with a lot of love), is laying the foundation for "prompt-to-full-company" with self-generating agents who each play an employee role by accomplishing their specialist tasks, all orchestrated.

"MetaGPT takes a one line requirement as input and outputs user stories / competitive analysis / requirements / data structures / APIs / documents, etc.
Internally, MetaGPT includes product managers / architects / project managers / engineers. It provides the entire process of a software company along with carefully orchestrated SOPs."

It's basic for now, and only as good as the underlying language model used (eg GPT-4).

But I find that exciting to think about the doors it opens.

I know others find that unsetlling or even scary.

No one knows how the future will unfold and what's in store for all of us.

But progress is inevitable.