Sabbatical reflections

reflecting on my next step...

My sabbatical reflections have led me to the conclusion that I want to go back to a VP/GM EMEA role, with emphasis on Sales.
In B2B SaaS, with an AI focus, for an early stage US company.

Leading a team to revenue generation excellence is exciting.

I love the game of Sales and building teams, processes & automations 😍 🤓

Empowering my team in a way that 7 years later some are still thankful for the impact I had on their career and personal development is heartwarming.

As a European at heart, with a love for the US, bridging the gap across the pond feels natural.
And as a night owl, connecting with HQ in my evenings also feels natural to me 😁

Building out a region, beyond just Sales, taps into my entrepreneurial mindset & experience.

And it is less stressful & risky than bootstrapping a business! 😅

Over the weeks and months to come, I will take stock of my B2B Sales experience so far.

Aiming to write down my learnings and framework, as a foundation moving forward.

Let me know if you have any B2B Sales topic you'd want me to share about.