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21 Mar 2023 | in random

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21 Mar 2023

I'm doing some research about the specifics of selling to Universities.

If you know anything about this, from having worked at or sold to Universities, I'd love to hear from you.

Please DM me or comment if you'd be happy to have a short chat about it - or just some email exchange.

Happy to return the favour in any way I can..

  • intro to my network
  • trading my knowledge on a topic of your interest
  • donating to the charity of your choice
  • virtual babysitting?

04 Apr 2024

This is an AI-generated demo day presentation at YC (ie pitch at the world's most famous startup accelerator) for a "script-to-movie" AI model, using the founder's clone.

So submit a script and the AI generates a full movie.

Still early days for this technology, but it will impact business in the future, not just movies & entertainment.

Overall, Generative AI will lead to a whole new level of video content production volume in the business world in the years to come.

I'm split myself on the net positive of AI video cloning, but in any case the future looks bright for video content management systems :)

Source: Jared Friedman on X, featuring Lina Colucci's clone for Infinity AI (YC W24)