API: SerpApi

scrape Google and other search engines

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    21 Jul 2023

    This Python package is meant to scrape and parse search results from Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo, eBay and more, using SerpApi.

    Paid plans: https://serpapi.com/pricing

    $50 for 5k searches per month.
    $130 for 15k searches per month.

    from serpapi import GoogleSearch
    params = {
      "q": "Coffee",
      "location": "Austin, Texas, United States",
      "hl": "en",
      "gl": "us",
      "google_domain": "google.com",
      "api_key": "secret_api_key"
    search = GoogleSearch(params)
    results = search.get_dict()