My Hiring Style

Job Spec & Scorecard


Usually with a mixture of recruiters and network. More weight towards recruiters to start with and over time more via network.
Getting the team excited helps by tapping into the reps' own network which creates leverage the day will do the selling, so candidates come in as hot referrals - easier sell.


Intelligence, Track Record, Character and Coachability

Same level interview

Interview step with someone at same level, ideally future collaborator.

Helps getting a different point of view on the person "from the floor".

Again if collaborator is sold and will talk positively about the company and me as a leader, it helps sell the position, so bilateral benefits.

Role play

If appropriate, I bake in a role play step as 2nd call with a candidate. Goal is to assess several things, but not specifically product understanding as primary criteria.
Research, clarity of thought and communication, mindset and coachability are the most important traits I assess with this exercise.

Sharing role play I like to provide as much constructive criticism as I can. Helps assess coachability and feedback loop acceptance.


Hiring is a bilateral process & sale.

Find the button

Everybody is different & gets engaged/motivated differently.

Understanding the person's long term goal, dreams & driver(s) is important.

Finding each person's "button" is key to both closing them at hiring stage & driving them to deliver their best once hired.


A new hire can really be considered fully hired only after a given period of time.

3 months is the default for most.

If you mishired, I think you can get a feel much quicker.

In any case, providing a good onboarding experience is key to ensure the new hire is set up for success & those flags are identified early on (for possible quick corrective measures).

Drinking from the firehose

Depending on the tools used (eg Slack), ask the new hire during onboarding to spend time digesting meetings and Slack channels.

Ask them to rephrase in their words the opportunity and what they would have done better.


Assign 1 veteran to each new hire - same or similar level. Go-to.


First week: daily touch base
Second week: every other day
Third week+: weekly

Early wins

Recommended book:


Who: The A Method for Hiring

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