Twitter was losing money prior to its acquisition, and losing its most active users:

09 Mar 2023

I know his unorthodox methods are not to everyone's liking.

Think what you want about Elon Musk though, but he will go down as the greatest entrepreneur of our generation. If not ever.

First, the amazing businesses & products of SpaceX and Tesla.

Second, the moonshots of starting OpenAI (withdrawn since), The Boring Company and Neuralink.

Now, after being forced to buy Twitter, a company that was losing money and its users with a messy product, 3 months in, with 75% less employees, the product is much better and the company is EBITDA positive and on track to be cashflow positive next quarter!

Turning around a company to profitable in less than 6 months, in the midst of mass “Twitter is going to die” outcry & constant hit pieces from the media, will become a legendary business case study I expect!