The Tesla FUD is strong

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25 Jan 2023


I have a different outlook - can't comment on other EVs but Teslas do match their hype imho. Have you driven one?

Going from Audi/Volvo/Land Rover to Tesla (we own 2 now) was like going from Nokia to the iPhone.
A different game altogether.
Best cars, and by a wide margin.
So much fun to drive.
For me.

We use them also for road trips (500km range), and I live in Bavaria (ie cold winters). So fears around range are mostly that.. only fears.

I do feel for non-Tesla EV owners though, as software & charging network makes a huge difference in the ownership experience.

Re: prices:

1) Tesla was criticised at launch for high prices and it was promised that prices would come down over time. Can't understand why price drops are now seen as negative 🤷🏻‍♂️
2) Tesla is profitable and makes 2x-7x margin per car vs other EVs, so they had room to lower prices
3) Macro situation is bad, auto market is down. Lower prices help maintain growth
4) new government incentives (eg $7.5k in US) were limited to the cheaper models with Tesla excluded. Tesla dropped their prices to be included. Still more profitable than all others & retail prices now super attractive. Great move imho.

Let me know if/when you drive one and if your opinion changes.

charging experience


Was it with a Tesla?

💯 get the bad experience re charging if not - when I travel to Italy and have to charge with other chargers at times, I bang my head against the wall 🤯

That's why I said in my other answer "I do feel for non-Tesla EV owners though, as software & charging network makes a huge difference in the ownership experience."

With Tesla:

  • the car (software) calculates the energy requirements, and satnav adds automatically your stop(s) on the way, at Tesla stations.

  • ahead of arriving to your charging station (car knows you're going), the battery will get prepared for optimised charging.

  • arrived at the station, you get out of the car, take the charger handle out, push a button on it that opens your charge port, and plug in. That's it. Like filling a gas tank.

Helps that stations are usually in nice or remote locations, unlike somewhat "aggressive" gas stations.

  • when charging is done (phone notifies you), unplug (the car knows it's you, so lets you) and hang up the charger.

  • Drive away.

It's 1:1 a gas tank filling experience, only better (no payment, etc.).

Never had an issue in 3 years, with 2x Teslas, across 4 countries.

Hope you'll go there again with an EV like that one day!

Research has shown that the additional carbon footprint required in the manufacturing process of an EV vs a gas car is widely offset by the reduced footprint over time of its usage.

Even taking into account charging with non-renewable power sources.

Not sure where you are in the UK, but I'll throw my hat in the ring for competing on cold winters, here in Bavaria 😉

2x EVs (Teslas) and no issue really - a slight drop in range on cold days in winter, yes, but the software makes it to not be an issue (for me at least).

And on long-range models you drop from 400 miles to 320 miles perhaps (never really paid attention closely), which is still acceptable.

Plus I love the ability to pre-heat (or even defrost) the car from my phone (even automatically based on time or calendar), and how quick it does it ☀️

I understand 😬 😅

If you go EV, at this point in time, from everything I have read (following the industry for 10 years now) and my experience, there's only Tesla that provides you the paradigm shift to having something much better than a gas car (including the actual experience of driving around & charging).

Traditional automakers' EVs have not caught up yet, at many levels (range, software, autonomy, charging network, etc..).

Not even mentioning the rest, eg servicing, dealing with customer service, etc.. (I had a Land Rover in the UK, so same company as your Jaguar, albeit the cheaper end :)

Rent a Tesla for a week-end and see for yourself perhaps?

Environmental impact