Pocket Operator PO-33

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Pocket Operators

~99 EUR.

Pocket Operators are small, battery-powered synthesizers. They are designed to be used on the go, and are controlled by a single knob. They are also compatible with each other, and can be used to create complex, multi-layered sounds.

They also have a built-in speaker, and can be used as a standalone instrument.

Probably the best choice to start with is the PO-33.


  • 4 voices (polyphony)
  • 4s sample length

09 Mar 2023 ordered.

User guide:



How to use

More advanced:

Changing volume

Hold the bpm button and select the volume level from the 1-16 buttons. When connecting multiple Pocket Operator’s, set the volume of the leftmost (first) units lower than the rightmost (last).

Factory reset

To reset a Pocket Operator to factory settings, hold the pattern and write buttons while inserting the batteries.


Album Camp 4, made entirely on the PO-33:

How to use (range videos, not specific)