Knuckle rollers

Knuckle rollers are handheld devices used for therapeutic or recreational purposes. They consist of a cylindrical body with an axle passing through it, allowing it to rotate freely. The device is designed to be held between the fingers or in the palm of the hand, and by rolling or spinning it with the fingers, it provides various benefits.

The primary purpose of knuckle rollers is to relieve stress, tension, and promote relaxation. They can be used as a stress-relief tool, similar to stress balls or fidget spinners. The rolling or spinning motion of the device can help stimulate nerves and promote blood flow to the fingers and hands, which can aid in relaxation and relieve muscle tension.

Knuckle rollers are also popular among athletes, particularly martial artists and climbers, as a tool for finger and grip strength training. By using the device, they can target and exercise the muscles and tendons in their fingers, hands, and forearms, improving dexterity and grip strength.

Additionally, knuckle rollers can be used for coordination and skill-building exercises. Some people perform tricks and manipulations with the device, practicing different finger movements and coordination patterns.

Knuckle rollers come in various designs, materials, and sizes. They can be made of plastic, metal, wood, or other materials, and some models feature additional features like textured surfaces, adjustable resistance, or interchangeable parts.

Also called:

  • Knucklebone
  • Knuckle Roller
  • Hand Spinners
  • Finger Spinners
  • Hand Rollers
  • Finger Rollers
  • Hand Gyros
  • Finger Gyros


04 Jul 2023

1st one received. Ordered on Amazon.

SuperEE High quality solid aluminium knucklebone (black).




POM White

6 Jul 2023


€34.20 (for 2)

Thin roller leight 60 mm and weight = 9 g
Standard roller leight 65 mm and weight = 17 g

POM stands for Polyoxymethylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer. It is also known by its common trade name, Delrin®. POM is a high-performance engineering plastic that offers excellent dimensional stability, low friction, high stiffness, and good resistance to wear and chemicals.

Titanium, Stonewash finish

6 Jul 2023



Weight = 24g


TIBstudio (Ukraine)

My preference / Ukraine.




Weight = 50g

Aroundsquare (Canada)



Unquiet Hands (Taiwan)



Mamba Metals



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