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14 Aug 2022


Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap




Ledger (Hardware)




How to Fix “Withdrawal Suspended” on Binance

Check system status on Twitter:



04 Sep 2022

in the long term, Bitcoin security is going to come entirely from fees

Bitcoin sees roughly $300,000 in fees per day, a figure that hasn’t grown much over the past five years — although it has spiked as high as $21 million. In contrast, Bitcoin miners currently earn around $18.5 million per day.

Vitalik: “The highly democratized early proof of work era was a beautiful thing, and it helped tremendously in making cryptocurrency ownership more egalitarian, but it’s unsustainable and it’s not coming back.”

ETH Ethereum

Moving from energy-heavy Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake in September:

"Proof of stake, which is already used by other blockchains, can drastically reduce the amount of energy used by having miners lock up crypto they already own as collateral for the chance to validate transactions and face the penalty of losing those tokens if their calculations don’t add up."

XMR Monero

Having regular issues withdrawing XMR from Binance - seems like it's a common issue (see Twitter "binance xmr").

For cold storage, requires use of the community wallet, even when using Ledger. Download at:

The privacy mode requires to download the entire blockchain (~90Gb)!!

List of wallets:

Setup instructions when using Ledger:


11 Nov 2022

There is a lot of bashing of anything blockchain-based at the moment.
Cryptos & NFTs are riding fast down the "Trough of Disillusionment" of the Gartner Hype Cyle.
Non-believers get to say "I told you so" with a content smile.
Opportunists & hopefuls are hurt - ego & wallet alike.
Believers keep investing & working - hard times every new technology has to go through.

The way I look at it:

  • internet (TCP/IP) was standardised 40 years ago, and experienced a massive crash 20 years later (
  • AI research started 60 years ago and became usable and valuable at scale only in the last few years
  • decentralised blockchains was conceptualised only 15 years ago

Similar to the crash, technology was ahead of its time, it needed more time to mature and for people to trust it (remember paying via credit card online was super scary?).

I can't see a world now where a technology enabling (automated) proof of ownership does not become a foundation for our society.

And for all the "that's why I invest only in company stocks"... my portfolio shows that it's not the answer :)

My Zoom stock (the stock market darling a couple years ago) is down 82%.. just like my Dogecoins! ;)

Disclaimer: I have used Bitcoin since 2011, and hold a portfolio of cryptos & tokens.