Green paint for chroma keying

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    Green Screen 5l - Original Greenscreenfarbe TV415, Keyfarbe Chroma Key Farbe


    "Keying projects require highly qualified colors. Our highly opaque and specially developed key color is ideal as a background color for web and video conferences, key color for film, photo, video as well as a coating for entire coves (greenbox, greenscreen) made of wood, plasterboard, plaster, GRP and plastic.

    This ready-to-use system is characterized by the following properties:

    very low reflection and matt drying
    Super smooth surface
    Ultra-flat paint
    highly concentrated color system with specially matched pigments
    optimal color saturation and high luminance values
    Colors are elastic, subsequent coats are possible at any time
    all color shades can be reproduced at any time in consistent quality
    adhere to fabric, wood, GRP, plastic, wall and floor surfaces
    Cleanable and resistant to household cleaning agents
    Processing information

    Preparation of the substrate (dry, solid, clean)
    Coating of the substrate with our key color, 2-3 coats may be necessary
    the paint can be rolled or sprayed
    If you have also coated the floor, protect it after drying with cover fleece or construction foil to prevent soiling during furnishing.
    Prime zinc, aluminum, ferrous metals, rigid PVC and wooden components with Herbol Hydroprimer Ultimatte Green (Art.No. TV17146).

    Range / consumption: 100 - 170ml/m² (per coat) - We recommend to apply 2-3 coats."


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