Logitech MX Ergo

my trackball of choice since

Mar 2020 started using.

09 Mar 2023

I love this trackball so much, I had bought a second one just in case it becomes unavailable.

After 3 years of use, I can't think of using anything else.

However, I started getting some lag lately - and can't figure out why.

Tried cleaning the ball enclosure (monthly routine anyway), removing some other Bluetooth devices (eg Apple Trackpad, which creates some interference with my Airpods for some reason), but still getting some lag.

Fortunately, I had bought a reserve one, as I feared it would become unavailable when it came to replacing it.

It works well otherwise, but the (little) lag is annoying enough (to me), to warrant getting the reserve out.

Good point: just switching off the old one, and switching on the new one, and it works with all my custom settings (and there are a lot!) - using still the old Logi Options software.

As I was trying to troubleshoot, I came across posts mentioning how replacing the ball makes a difference:

Alternative balls (I know! :)


Perixx balls seem to be well regarded:

Available on Amazon.



Ball from the Trackman Marble Plus T-CL13 (or T-BB13) mouse.