Dictating instead of typing

I am dictating 75% of what I was writing

2022-07-19: since the note below, I have learned touch typing and barely dictate anything anymore.

In the last 2 years I have probably dictated 75% of everything I wrote, incl. this LinkedIn post. I can not think about working anymore without dictation. It is surprisingly easy and good if you are using a Mac, so wanted to share for others maybe to try.

There are 3 ways on Mac to do dictation, so it can be a bit confusing:

Keyboard Dictation

works everywhere, activated with keyboard shortcut (I hit Cmd twice) and runs for a limited amount of time. It is good enough for most use, as you need time to formulate what you are going to write next. This is what I have used for the better part of the last 2 years and recommend to start here.
Activate it under System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation (see screenshot)

Voice Control

more powerful, as you can command your Mac with it too (eg “Open Word… new doc” opens a new Word doc) and build a custom Vocabulary list of words specific to your needs/business. It also runs indefinitely it seems so great for staying always on or long-form writing. Recently started using this instead of Keyboard Dictation.
Activate it under System Preferences > Accessibility > Voice Control


while this is the future and it enables you already commands and requests beyond simply controlling your computer, it is more clunky to use at present for dictation purposes in my opinion.
Activate it under System Preferences > Siri

Tips to make dictation work best:

✅ Good quality microphone improves speech recognition
✅ You need to articulate properly. Which is good training to speak better anyway 😁
✅ Like every software, there is a learning curve and adaptation time, eg to learn the voice commands to use.

Best obviously when you have your own (home) office, else you will be the weird geek speaking to its computer in the open plan office 🤓😁

Hope it helps someone…