Hubspot fields

See !apps/hubspot for master note.

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Below are the fields exported in CSV from Hubspot when selecting All properties on records in the Export view:



by default, when selecting all fields:

Record ID
Target Account
Last Modified Date
Lead Status
Total Revenue
Postal Code
Twitter Followers
Company Domain Name
Last Touch Converting Campaign
First Touch Converting Campaign
Recent Deal Close Date
Number of Pageviews
Number of Employees
Campaign of last booking in meetings tool
Number of decision makers
Time of Last Session
Time of First Session
Number of blockers
Close Date
Ideal Customer Profile Tier
Facebook Fans
Latest Source
Number of Associated Deals
Last Logged Call Date
Recent Deal Amount
Number of times contacted
First Conversion Date
Last Open Task Date
Original Source Type
First Deal Created Date
Number of Form Submissions
Medium of last booking in meetings tool
Facebook Company Page
Create Date
LinkedIn Bio
First Conversion
Date of last meeting booked in meetings tool
Company name
Number of child companies
Total open deal value
Number of Sessions
Phone Number
Last Engagement Date
Company owner
About Us
Last Activity Date
Next Activity Date
Source of last booking in meetings tool
Owner Assigned Date
LinkedIn Company Page
Total Money Raised
Created by user ID
Number of Associated Contacts
Original Source Data 1
Recent Conversion Date
Number of contacts with a buying role
Original Source Data 2
Lifecycle Stage
Last Booked Meeting Date
Last Contacted
Street Address
Recent Conversion
HubSpot Team
Twitter Bio
Web Technologies
Latest Source Data 1
Latest Source Data 2
First Contact Create Date
Time Zone
Time Last Seen
Time First Seen
Website URL
Year Founded
Twitter Handle
Google Plus Page
Days to Close
Annual Revenue
Latest Source Timestamp
Parent Company
Object create date/time
Street Address 2
Is Public
Number of open deals
Associated Contact
Associated Deal
Associated Ticket
Associated Payment
Associated Subscription
Associated Contact IDs
Associated Deal IDs
Associated Ticket IDs
Associated Payment IDs
Associated Subscription IDs

for use in Python scripts (generated with Clipee CSV !projects/clipee#clipee-csv):

record_id = row[0]
target_account = row[1]
last_modified_date = row[2]
lead_status = row[3]
total_revenue = row[4]
postal_code = row[5]
twitter_followers = row[6]
company_domain_name = row[7]
last_touch_converting_campaign = row[8]
first_touch_converting_campaign = row[9]
recent_deal_close_date = row[10]
number_of_pageviews = row[11]
number_of_employees = row[12]
campaign_of_last_booking_in_meetings_tool = row[13]
number_of_decision_makers = row[14]
time_of_last_session = row[15]
time_of_first_session = row[16]
number_of_blockers = row[17]
close_date = row[18]
ideal_customer_profile_tier = row[19]
facebook_fans = row[20]
latest_source = row[21]
number_of_associated_deals = row[22]
last_logged_call_date = row[23]
recent_deal_amount = row[24]
number_of_times_contacted = row[25]
first_conversion_date = row[26]
last_open_task_date = row[27]
original_source_type = row[28]
first_deal_created_date = row[29]
number_of_form_submissions = row[30]
medium_of_last_booking_in_meetings_tool = row[31]
facebook_company_page = row[32]
create_date = row[33]
linkedin_bio = row[34]
first_conversion = row[35]
date_of_last_meeting_booked_in_meetings_tool = row[36]
city = row[37]
company_name = row[38]
number_of_child_companies = row[39]
total_open_deal_value = row[40]
number_of_sessions = row[41]
phone_number = row[42]
last_engagement_date = row[43]
company_owner = row[44]
about_us = row[45]
last_activity_date = row[46]
next_activity_date = row[47]
source_of_last_booking_in_meetings_tool = row[48]
owner_assigned_date = row[49]
state_region = row[50]
linkedin_company_page = row[51]
total_money_raised = row[52]
created_by_user_id = row[53]
number_of_associated_contacts = row[54]
original_source_data_1 = row[55]
recent_conversion_date = row[56]
number_of_contacts_with_a_buying_role = row[57]
original_source_data_2 = row[58]
lifecycle_stage = row[59]
last_booked_meeting_date = row[60]
last_contacted = row[61]
street_address = row[62]
recent_conversion = row[63]
hubspot_team = row[64]
twitter_bio = row[65]
web_technologies = row[66]
latest_source_data_1 = row[67]
latest_source_data_2 = row[68]
country_region = row[69]
first_contact_create_date = row[70]
time_zone = row[71]
time_last_seen = row[72]
time_first_seen = row[73]
type = row[74]
website_url = row[75]
year_founded = row[76]
twitter_handle = row[77]
google_plus_page = row[78]
days_to_close = row[79]
description = row[80]
annual_revenue = row[81]
latest_source_timestamp = row[82]
parent_company = row[83]
industry = row[84]
object_create_date_time = row[85]
street_address_2 = row[86]
is_public = row[87]
number_of_open_deals = row[88]
associated_contact = row[89]
associated_deal = row[90]
associated_ticket = row[91]
associated_payment = row[92]
associated_subscription = row[93]
associated_contact_ids = row[94]
associated_deal_ids = row[95]
associated_ticket_ids = row[96]
associated_payment_ids = row[97]
associated_subscription_ids = row[98]


by default, when selecting all fields:

Record ID
First Name
Last Name
Annual Revenue
Average Pageviews
Became a Customer Date
Became a Lead Date
Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Date
Became a Sales Qualified Lead Date
Became a Subscriber Date
Became an Evangelist Date
Became an Opportunity Date
Became an Other Lifecycle Date
Buying Role
Campaign of last booking in meetings tool
Close Date
Company Name
Company size
Contact owner
Contact unworked
Create Date
Created by user ID
Currently in Sequence
Currently in workflow
Date of birth
Date of last meeting booked in meetings tool
Days To Close
Domain to which registration email was sent
Email address automated quarantine reason
Email address quarantine reason
Email Address Quarantined
Email Confirmed
Email Domain
Email hard bounce reason
Event Revenue
Facebook click id
Fax Number
Field of study
First Conversion
First Conversion Date
First Deal Created Date
First marketing email click date
First marketing email open date
First marketing email reply date
First marketing email send date
First Page Seen
First Referring Site
First Touch Converting Campaign
Google ad click id
Graduation date
HubSpot Score
HubSpot Team
Invalid email address
IP City
IP Country
IP Country Code
IP State Code/Region Code
IP State/Region
IP Timezone
Job function
Job Title
Last Activity Date
Last Contacted
Last Engagement Date
Last marketing email click date
Last marketing email name
Last marketing email open date
Last marketing email reply date
Last marketing email send date
Last Modified Date
Last Page Seen
Last Referring Site
Last sequence ended date
Last sequence enrolled
Last sequence enrolled date
Last Touch Converting Campaign
Latest Source
Latest Source Date
Latest Source Drill-Down 1
Latest Source Drill-Down 2
Lead Status
Legal basis for processing contact's data
Lifecycle Stage
Marital Status
Marketing email confirmation status
Marketing emails bounced
Marketing emails clicked
Marketing emails delivered
Marketing emails opened
Marketing emails replied
Medium of last booking in meetings tool
Membership Notes
Military status
Mobile Phone Number
Next Activity Date
Number of Associated Deals
Number of Employees
Number of event completions
Number of Form Submissions
Number of Pageviews
Number of Sales Activities
Number of sequences enrolled
Number of Sessions
Number of times contacted
Number of Unique Forms Submitted
Object create date/time
Opted out of email: Marketing Information
Opted out of email: One to One
Original Source
Original Source Drill-Down 1
Original Source Drill-Down 2
Owner Assigned Date
Phone Number
Postal Code
Preferred language
Recent Conversion
Recent Conversion Date
Recent Deal Amount
Recent Deal Close Date
Recent Sales Email Clicked Date
Recent Sales Email Opened Date
Recent Sales Email Replied Date
Registered At
Relationship Status
Sends Since Last Engagement
Signed Up
Source of last booking in meetings tool
Start date
Street Address
Time First Seen
Time Last Seen
Time of First Session
Time of Last Session
Time registration email was sent
Time Zone
Total Revenue
Twitter Username
Unsubscribed from all email
Website URL
WhatsApp Phone Number
Work email
Associated Company
Associated Deal
Associated Ticket
Associated Payment
Associated Subscription
Associated Company IDs
Associated Deal IDs
Associated Ticket IDs
Associated Payment IDs
Associated Subscription IDs

for use in Python scripts:

record_id = row[0]
first_name = row[1]
last_name = row[2]
annual_revenue = row[3]
average_pageviews = row[4]
became_a_customer_date = row[5]
became_a_lead_date = row[6]
became_a_marketing_qualified_lead_date = row[7]
became_a_sales_qualified_lead_date = row[8]
became_a_subscriber_date = row[9]
became_an_evangelist_date = row[10]
became_an_opportunity_date = row[11]
became_an_other_lifecycle_date = row[12]
buying_role = row[13]
campaign_of_last_booking_in_meetings_tool = row[14]
city = row[15]
close_date = row[16]
company_name = row[17]
company_size = row[18]
contact_owner = row[19]
contact_unworked = row[20]
country/region = row[21]
create_date = row[22]
created_by_user_id = row[23]
currently_in_sequence = row[24]
currently_in_workflow = row[25]
date_of_birth = row[26]
date_of_last_meeting_booked_in_meetings_tool = row[27]
days_to_close = row[28]
degree = row[29]
domain_to_which_registration_email_was_sent = row[30]
email = row[31]
email_address_automated_quarantine_reason = row[32]
email_address_quarantine_reason = row[33]
email_address_quarantined = row[34]
email_confirmed = row[35]
email_domain = row[36]
email_hard_bounce_reason = row[37]
event_revenue = row[38]
facebook_click_id = row[39]
fax_number = row[40]
field_of_study = row[41]
first_conversion = row[42]
first_conversion_date = row[43]
first_deal_created_date = row[44]
first_marketing_email_click_date = row[45]
first_marketing_email_open_date = row[46]
first_marketing_email_reply_date = row[47]
first_marketing_email_send_date = row[48]
first_page_seen = row[49]
first_referring_site = row[50]
first_touch_converting_campaign = row[51]
gender = row[52]
google_ad_click_id = row[53]
graduation_date = row[54]
hubspot_score = row[55]
hubspot_team = row[56]
industry = row[57]
invalid_email_address = row[58]
ip_city = row[59]
ip_country = row[60]
ip_country_code = row[61]
ip_state_code/region_code = row[62]
ip_state/region = row[63]
ip_timezone = row[64]
job_function = row[65]
job_title = row[66]
last_activity_date = row[67]
last_contacted = row[68]
last_engagement_date = row[69]
last_marketing_email_click_date = row[70]
last_marketing_email_name = row[71]
last_marketing_email_open_date = row[72]
last_marketing_email_reply_date = row[73]
last_marketing_email_send_date = row[74]
last_modified_date = row[75]
last_page_seen = row[76]
last_referring_site = row[77]
last_sequence_ended_date = row[78]
last_sequence_enrolled = row[79]
last_sequence_enrolled_date = row[80]
last_touch_converting_campaign = row[81]
latest_source = row[82]
latest_source_date = row[83]
latest_source_drill-down_1 = row[84]
latest_source_drill-down_2 = row[85]
lead_status = row[86]
legal_basis_for_processing_contact_data = row[87]
lifecycle_stage = row[88]
marital_status = row[89]
marketing_email_confirmation_status = row[90]
marketing_emails_bounced = row[91]
marketing_emails_clicked = row[92]
marketing_emails_delivered = row[93]
marketing_emails_opened = row[94]
marketing_emails_replied = row[95]
medium_of_last_booking_in_meetings_tool = row[96]
membership_notes = row[97]
message = row[98]
military_status = row[99]
mobile_phone_number = row[100]
next_activity_date = row[101]
number_of_associated_deals = row[102]
number_of_employees = row[103]
number_of_event_completions = row[104]
number_of_form_submissions = row[105]
number_of_pageviews = row[106]
number_of_sales_activities = row[107]
number_of_sequences_enrolled = row[108]
number_of_sessions = row[109]
number_of_times_contacted = row[110]
number_of_unique_forms_submitted = row[111]
object_create_date/time = row[112]
opted_out_of_email:_marketing_information = row[113]
opted_out_of_email:_one_to_one = row[114]
original_source = row[115]
original_source_drill-down_1 = row[116]
original_source_drill-down_2 = row[117]
owner_assigned_date = row[118]
persona = row[119]
phone_number = row[120]
postal_code = row[121]
preferred_language = row[122]
recent_conversion = row[123]
recent_conversion_date = row[124]
recent_deal_amount = row[125]
recent_deal_close_date = row[126]
recent_sales_email_clicked_date = row[127]
recent_sales_email_opened_date = row[128]
recent_sales_email_replied_date = row[129]
registered_at = row[130]
relationship_status = row[131]
salutation = row[132]
school = row[133]
sends_since_last_engagement = row[134]
seniority = row[135]
signed_up = row[136]
source_of_last_booking_in_meetings_tool = row[137]
start_date = row[138]
state/region = row[139]
status = row[140]
street_address = row[141]
time_first_seen = row[142]
time_last_seen = row[143]
time_of_first_session = row[144]
time_of_last_session = row[145]
time_registration_email_was_sent = row[146]
time_zone = row[147]
total_revenue = row[148]
twitter_username = row[149]
unsubscribed_from_all_email = row[150]
website_url = row[151]
whatsapp_phone_number = row[152]
work_email = row[153]
associated_company = row[154]
associated_deal = row[155]
associated_ticket = row[156]
associated_payment = row[157]
associated_subscription = row[158]
associated_company_ids = row[159]
associated_deal_ids = row[160]
associated_ticket_ids = row[161]
associated_payment_ids = row[162]
associated_subscription_ids = row[163]