Package manager for macOS.

Homebrew is a package manager for macOS (and Linux) that helps users install, manage, and update various software packages, including Python and its associated tools.

Homebrew simplifies the process of installing and maintaining the Python environment on macOS.

Note that Homebrew itself is not specific to Python; it is a general-purpose package manager that can be used for managing various software on macOS.

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brew --version


Homebrew 4.0.6
Homebrew/homebrew-core (git revision 80bd165fe6f; last commit 2023-03-18)
Homebrew/homebrew-cask (git revision 86da4ce608; last commit 2023-03-17)

check installed packages

18 Mar 2023

Currently installed packages:

brew list


==> Formulae
aom             libvidstab
aribb24             libvmaf
atk             libvorbis
bdw-gc              libvpx
brotli              libx11
ca-certificates         libxau
cairo               libxcb
cjson               libxdmcp
cmocka              libxext
dav1d               libxrender
ffmpeg              little-cms2
flac                lz4
fontconfig          lzo
freetype            m4
frei0r              mbedtls
fribidi             mpdecimal
gdk-pixbuf          mpg123
gettext             nettle
giflib              opencore-amr
glib                openexr
gmp             openjpeg
gnutls              openssl@1.1
graphite2           openssl@3
gsettings-desktop-schemas   openvpn
gtk+3               opus
guile               p11-kit
harfbuzz            pango
hicolor-icon-theme      pcre
highway             pcre2
icu4c               pixman
imath               pkcs11-helper
iproute2mac         pkg-config
jpeg-turbo          python@3.11
jpeg-xl             rav1e
lame                readline
leptonica           rubberband
libarchive          rust
libass              sdl2
libb2               snappy
libbluray           speex
libepoxy            sqlite
libevent            srt
libidn2             stork
libnghttp2          svt-av1
libogg              tesseract
libpng              theora
libpthread-stubs        tree
librist             unbound
libsamplerate           webp
libsndfile          x264
libsodium           x265
libsoxr             xorgproto
libssh2             xvid
libtasn1            xz
libtiff             zenity
libtool             zeromq
libunibreak         zimg
libunistring            zstd

==> Casks
fig             git-credential-manager-core