Working with DATEV

trying to integrate with a hairy German accounting software

Having started my first business in the UK, I was used from day one to cloud-first accounting solutions - with the likes of Xero (accounting SaaS from NZ).

It was hard when moving to Germany and starting businesses there, to find out the accounting software market is basically a monopoly from Datev. An old, legacy solution used by most accountants & tax professionals.

2+ years in, and with a bit of time on my hands, I decided to look into their progress and see if I could integrate and automate my processes via API or other means.

They seem to have a developer portal, which either didn't exist or I missed it back then:

Well, apparently it's a pilot and they don't take any new beta testers 😕

Though registration is open.


... perhaps another day..

Exploring integration between Penta and DATEV now.

Step by step:

Plan C: upload receipts via email..