More Than a Number


  • Author: Scott Leese
  • Full Title: More Than a Number
  • Category: #books


  • Leave a great legacy. Turn entry-level reps into great salespeople. (Location 181)
  • Define your own process and implement it. Create a solid sales culture, take responsibility, and empower people with the right tools. Build a strategy for long-term success, including: pricing structure, ideal customer profile, customer relationship management (CRMs), and other concrete solutions. Know how to manage and set expectations with other executives. (Location 185)
  • The types of people who succeed in the VP roles are the ones who sacrifice their own needs for those of the team. (Location 208)
  • building up others.” (Location 211)
  • To be in the running for a VP Sales role, you better be the best of all the sales managers or sales directors. (Location 254)
  • “Being a revenue executive means gaining consensus from your peer group and driving decisions or change in your organization.” That means getting good at data interpretation, cross-functional compromise, and having tough conversations. (Location 296)
  • Think of yourself as a developer of talent. (Location 300)
  • having an outline for how sellers approach each phase of the sales process is one of the most critical elements to scaling a sales army. (Location 502)
  • The most important foundation of strategy is creating your ideal customer profile. (Location 507)