Foundation and Empire


  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • Full Title: Foundation and Empire
  • Category: #books


  • ‘there are five or six fat slobs who usually run an average planet. They get the rabbit punch, but I’m not losing peace of mind over them. See. The people? The ordinary run of guys? Sure, some get killed, and the rest pay extra taxes for a while. But it settles itself out; it runs itself down. And then it’s the old situation again with a different five or six.’ (Location 654)
  • Beliefs can’t be shaken short of a major shock, (Location 2606)
  • ‘The human mind works at low efficiency. Twenty per cent is the figure usually given. When, momentarily, there is a flash of greater power it is termed a hunch, or insight, or intuition. (Location 3697)