Finding the original edition of a book

because we are on the road to distopia

16 Apr 2023

We are slowly evolving towards a distopian future where all books are edited to accomodate sensitive "woke" readers.

From re-editions of Roald Dahl, James Bond, and more..

I'm a long-time e-reader, on Kindle, and have been scared by the fact that Amazon can update editions of the books you bought (actually, only "licensed" it seems) thus remove content you paid for.

The advice from many is not ensure you buy a printed copy of original editions.

It appears identifying the original edition is not always easy.

Amazon - my usual bookstore - makes it surprisingly difficult, considering this is their original business.

Workaround is to use another site to find the ISBN of the original edition, or at least an edition that has not been edited, and then search for it on Amazon.

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