10 Skills for Effective Business Communication


  • Author: Jessica Higgins JD MBA BB
  • Full Title: 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication
  • Category: #books


  • The best way to learn how to listen is by learning how to avoid not listening, since listening itself is fairly straightforward. (Location 123)
  • Don’t Formulate a Response, Ever (Location 126)
  • Each time your brain starts articulating a response as someone else is talking, give yourself a mental slap. Slap all of the nonsense out of your brain and keep it open to the words coming at you. Focus on those words. (Location 129)
  • Avoid Sentence-Grabbing and Sentence-Cutting (Location 131)
  • Shut Down Brain Biases, Judgments, and Conclusions (Location 136)
  • Eye Contact, Facial Expressions, and “Stop Looking at Your Phone for One Damn Second” (Location 157)
  • Feel for your face muscles and soften those muscles. Parting your teeth slightly is a common trick that yogis use to practice facial relaxation and create mental calm. (Location 163)
  • Finally, active listening is a search for meaning. Don’t just listen to the words, seek to understand what the speaker truly means. (Location 174)
  • Search for the Why Behind the Words (Location 212)
  • KEY CONCEPTS •Clear your brain •Listen for the purpose of actually listening and not responding •Never cut off the speaker during a sentence •Don’t hijack a mentioned thought •Stay on topic •Maintain eye contact •Practice Zen-like awareness of your facial expressions •Listen free of technological distractions •Ask open questions that seek deeper meaning •Avoid leading questions •Seek to understand your speaker (Location 221)
  • Think of this as your espresso shot of confidence. When you need it, sneak off to a private place and hold your hands up high, standing tall, and count to 10 seconds. The longer the better, but this is the minimum. (Location 265)
  • If your goal is to win someone over quickly, mimicry is a great hack that doesn’t require speaking. Clustered mimicry techniques amplify your pair-bonding with someone instantly. By clustered, I mean you must employ three or more techniques in a single interaction. A single expression may not get noticed, but research shows that three is the magic number for effectiveness. (Location 300)