Weekly Pipeline Update

a great habit to form for anyone in Sales

Sending a weekly pipeline update to your manager is a great habit to form for anyone in Sales.

Helps with:
- own clarity & staying focused on the right things
- keeping your manager in the loop / increases trust & collaboration
- making upcoming weekly 1:1 more productive
- being in control of the internal narrative about your performance
- own accountability
- creating a paper trail of blockers / issues & leadership accountability

Example framework

Closed Won

  • MTD
  • QTD
  • YTD

each with quota attainment %

Month & Quarter Forecast

  • Worst Case, if...
  • Base Case, if...
  • Best Case, if...

Pipeline development

This Quarter

List of opportunities in the pipeline, with short summary.

Next Quarter

Especially when long Sales cycles, this is a great way to keep your manager in the loop on what you're working on that will have an impact behind the horizon line (which is usually current quarter only).

This weeks' priorities

  1. x
  2. x
  3. x

Open for the manager to help re-align if needed.

Blockers / Challenges

  1. x
  2. x
  3. x

Each with revenue impact if solved.