VP Sales as a Service

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👷🏼‍♂️ WORK IN PROGRESS 👷🏼‍♂️


VP Sales activities:

  • Sales strategies (targets & ICP definitions)
  • Sales tactics
  • Setup of Outbound lead generation workflows & campaigns (multi-touch email & social)

- target lists
- documented strategies & tactics
- campaigns setup
- re-explore Twitter lead generation system
- Proposal refresh & automation

The retainer aims to compensate for:

  • time investment decorellated from revenue
  • lost deals due to company's inability to close
  • most importantly: benefits & revenues reaped from the strategies, tactics & campaigns beyond the term of the contract time.

Typical Base salary for a VP Sales in SaaS: $200k, ie $16.5k monthly

Compensation for Executives in B2B Tech Sales

My typical retainer: $10k/month

  • no exclusivity
  • part-time (note that my "part-time" can mean equivalent of "full-time" for average worker)

Inbound leads

Why assign inbound lead to me?

Assigning inbound leads to me instead of dealing with them yourself will lead to:

  • higher close ratio, ie likedlihood to convert
  • higher average deal size

The commission structure is designed to ensure a win-win.

Commission percentage results in net gain scenario guaranteed:

  • sold at list price, it's cheap enough to be worth it for the time saved & focus on other things
  • sold above list price, majority of net incremental revenue flows back to company, ie net net gain

Outbound leads

Sales activities, incl. process setup, campaign setup, etc.. to generate outbound leads.

Longer sales cycles to expect vs. inbound leads.


  • no poaching of past clients (same will apply in future to clients closed for company).
  • retainer invoiced monthly, upfront.
  • commissions invoiced monthly, at beginning of month to cover previous month's billings.
  • 7 days payment terms.
  • payment via Stripe or wire transfer (USD or EUR).


  • email address
  • access to CRM (or CRM data in whatever format, eg Google Sheets, etc..)
  • access to all existing Sales & Marketing assets (presentations, videos, screenshots, demos, documents, etc..)