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    31 Jan 2023

    Great post - I've done this a couple times on some of the largest deals I closed. But I should do it more consistently. It should become part of a normal Enterprise Sales procedure.

    A top-performing Enterprise rep from Salesforce told me her top strategy for getting & keeping an Exec's attention.

    It's spending 15 minutes looking at a 10-K.

    Doesn't even have to be theirs (!!)

    Here's why.

    10-K's tell you 3 things that either your Prospect, OR their Top Competitors are focused on:

    ---> Their Key Initiatives
    ---> Risks to their Business
    ---> What they Plan to Spend Money on

    Even if the company you're talking with is private, you can still use a 10-K.


    Read their Competitor's 10-K.

    Everyone wants to know what their competition is doing.

    Here's how to find it:
    --> Google this: "(company name) competitors"
    --> G2 also has Top 10 competitor lists for SaaS
    --> Pick 1-2 of their competitors & scan the 10-K*

    Using this info sounds like -->

    "Saw {your biggest competitor} just announced record-breaking growth in sales & revenue. And that they're focused on going after SMB companies. Also making strategic investments in sales & marketing tools. And that risks around X,Y,Z are top of mind. Curious to what extent your strategies & risks are similar?"

    *Where to find a 10-K:
    --> Go to Company's website
    --> Then Investor page
    --> Find the PDF link

    How to get what you need in 15 minutes:
    --> Ctrl + F for words like "risk", "initiative" / "strategy", "invest in"
    --> See link in the Comments to SalesHacker article for more details
    --> Also, Google/news & Seeking Alpha: summaries of analyst comments

    WHY it gets and keeps an Exec's attention:
    --> In their 10-K, it's their Risks, Strategies & Plans
    --> If it's their competitor's, it's good intel
    --> Either way, shows you've prepped

    Execs want to talk about their Risks, Plans & Market Share.

    Not your company or product or what it does.

    Executive conversations win deals.