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    17 Feb 2023

    👷🏼‍♂️ WORK IN PROGRESS 👷🏼‍♂️

    I used to be a Powerpoint power user. Crafting a good deck is an art that I loved.

    However, I have not used a Sales deck in years now.

    Rather, relying on a combination of discussion, demo & showing relevant screenshots/videos from a large library of client examples (Streamdeck has been invaluable for the latter).

    Been thinking lately about if & how I would use a Sales deck again in my next role.

    Rethinking the typical one-sided deck ("here's everything about us & what our product does") could look like:

    • logo list focused on prospect's vertical (credibility upfront)

    • high-level of what company provides in simple terms OR tailored to prospect industry (with industry's jargon)

    • each slide divided in 3:

      • list of question(s) for prospect
      • solution offered (features & benefits)
      • results: ROI from similar cliens

    Basically each slide acting as support & structure for both discovery/diagnosis & solution presentation.

    • last slide: recap slide - shows a recap of the company's value proposition BUT used as a time to recap understanding of prospect's needs & how we can help.
      So prospect validates what