Proposals in B2B Sales

Part of The B2B Sales Process

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What is expected

What prospects expect most from a proposal is simply pricing information.

Good proposals though are those that also clearly address the prospect's needs and demonstrate the value and benefits that your product or service can deliver to their organisation.

Also important that they are:

  1. personalised as much as possible (manually, or automated)
  2. formatted to look as professional as possible
  3. easy to read and understand

Key elements

Here are some key elements that make a good proposal:


A good proposal must be tailored to the specific needs of the prospect. Use their company name, industry, pain points, and goals to make the proposal more relevant.


The proposal should be easy to understand and written in plain language. Avoid using jargon and technical terms that the prospect might not be familiar with.

Focus on benefits

Your proposal will most likely circulate within the company, ie beyond only the people you have directly interacted with. Especially in Enterprise accounts.

Highlight the benefits and outcomes that the prospect will receive from using your product or service.

Explain how your solution will help them achieve their goals and solve their problem(s) - which should be highlighted at the beginning.

Use visuals

When selling any product - incl. in SaaS - it's important to show how it looks like. Make it tangible. Especially if the product's UI is appealling, and the proposal is going to be in the hands of users.

Screenshots and links to videos can be used.

You can also incorporate visuals such as charts, diagrams, and infographics to make the proposal more engaging and memorable.


Pricing in B2B Sales


End the proposal with a clear call-to-action that outlines the next steps, such as scheduling a meeting or signing a contract.

How to send the proposal

What is a B2B Sales stack?

TODO extract proposal automation solutions + create dedicated notes for Proposify & Pandadoc.