The importance of product knowledge in B2B sales

gotta know what you sell.

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    23 Mar 2023

    Knowing your product cold is critical for any B2B salesperson.

    The more you know the better.

    "Read the user manual" is a lesson I have learned in my first sales job as a teenager.

    It also helps with imposter syndrome !/#careerplaybook/002-imposter-syndrome-is-more-widespread-than-you-think

    Sure in larger organisations you will have people to rely on to support you, eg Sales Engineers, Product Managers, etc..

    But if you have to tap them ongoing to help in client discussions, you will be missing out on:

    • identifying opportunities to (up)sell
    • connecting particular features to client needs/pains
    • appearing as a trusted advisor and not just a salesperson

    Use the product yourself.

    Become an expert.

    Over time, you should get in a position to not needing any internal technical support anymore.