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06 Sep 2022

Mass email your entire contact list at least 1x/year

Leverage opportunities to mass email your entire mailing list with a personal message.

Holidays well-wishes or a contact person leaving are good examples:

If a rep leaves the company, best practice would be to send a mass "goodbye" email to their entire CRM contact list (minus the ones reached out to individually).

End of year well wishes are nice to receive, and worst case just gets deleted.

In both instances, no negative feelings are triggered when compared to receiving an unsolicited marketing/sales email.

This achieves a couple things:
- sanitisation of contact list: all non-valid email addresses (people having left their job, etc..) can be updated as such in the CRM
- fishing out new contacts from Out Of Office replies (especially during end of year holiday period)
- putting your company back on the recipient's radar, which can lead to surfacing opportunities

The message should be 100% non-Sales, but the email signature can be used to position any messaging/CTA as needed.


I have seen outbound/cold Sales email campaigns sent all at once (ie with same subject/content).
My recommendation: never send the same email to all your list at once. Split in chunks and A-Z test - just like Marketing does.
You can try improving the reply rate after each cycle by tweaking the subject line or messaging, based on results (% reply rate & replies feedback).
Chunks should be in decreasing order of priority, ie do not send the first chunk(s) to your dream leads within that list.
Better results almost guaranteed.


Email Subject Line Tester

14 Apr 2023

negative replies in email campaigns

Typical. Always keep in mind:

an answer is better than no answer
validates prospect email
confirms email deliverability to domain (so links/images can be included in follow-up emails without problem)
a “no” is sometimes only a “delayed yes” / work on counter & follow-ups at regular intervals
calculate success rate of version “A” of the campaign, then try version “B”, "C", etc.. until you find the best version

28 Feb 2024

Haris HalkicHaris Halkic
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11 Mar 2024


28 Mar 2024

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