Market Recap 2022

it doesn't look good, but it's good to know.

06 Mar 2023

2022 in general, and the second half in particular, have been tough in the markets, and thus in Sales.

  1. it's important to know the environment you're selling in, to adjust strategies & tactics for maximum impact (eg switch from ROI to cost savings playbook)
  2. it might get better soon now (ie in a few months)
  3. I've been there before (post 2008 financial crisis, selling a premium solution)
  4. if building a team & processes, I'm scrappy & effective enough to do it with less resources than most (eg less budget, less time, less people, etc.)


from Bravado

"Q4 was a bloodbath. Only 22% of sales reps hit quota."

Full report here:



from David Spitz, Founder @ Benchinsights

"concerning trends in traction SELLING BIG DEALS & NEW CUSTOMER SALES"

from Jacco van der Kooij, Founder @ Winning By Design

"We are seeing a steep decline in win rates across regions, sectors, and markets"

VC funding

24 Feb 2023