Keeping You in the Loop

14 Feb 2024

My “Keeping you in the loop” template is one of my most opened and useful emails ever.

I’ve sent it to executive’s for a year before ever meeting them.

In one instance, the executive eventually became my EB in a multi-million dollar expansion deal.

A couple years back I took over an existing customer account. The original deal had been sold, but the rollout, adoption and customer education needed work.

I created an account strategy and phased timeline and coupled it with an org chart and went to work on meeting with as many teams and business units as possible.

Having done the org chart work, I knew who all of this would eventually roll up to for further business budget.

So everytime I met with a new team or kicked off a big rollout or education project, I emailed the same executive.

“Subject line: Keeping you in the loop, no ask


Met with the Cloud Engineering team today, including (use actual names).

Wanted to make sure I kept you in the loop with our work and progress, no need to reply.

We covered:

  • Initiative 1
  • Initiative 2
  • Initiative 3

We’re building out a joint phased approach and timeline and I’ll keep you posted on next steps and be sure to share that with you.

Any questions let me know”

I probably sent 15+ of those before ever hearing back and booking a meeting with the EB.

From day 1 he was in the know about our efforts with his teams. The deal took a while longer, but the trust had been built long before we positioned the expansion.