Thoughts on B2B SaaS Sales hiring

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    01 Feb 2023

    I had originally that bias/requirement when hiring ("SaaS experience required").

    The main reason for me was that non-software reps are more likely to be moulded in a "cost plus" Sales mindset, ie selling the value of what they sell based on their product/service's cost (plus margin), instead of the value of the impact that product/service can have on their client's goals & bottom line (what's needed when selling a digital solution).

    What I realised though is that I come from that background myself (selling commoditised hardware early in my career) and I learned/evolved, with success.

    So best to remove that hiring limitation, and implement instead ways to test for either the right Sales mindset, or at least the ability to learn it.

    Your point 4. addresses that in some way.

    I found that a role play during the interview process is usually the best litmus test.

    Good structured list overall Chuck 👍🏼