Selling to GPOs

aka Group Purchasing Organisations

22 Mar 2023

Think of GPOs as "Groupon" for a particular industry.

I have built and sold a "Groupon for business aviation operators" (Convolus), so have had some exposure to this.

The beauty of GPOs is that they are a great way to get in front of a large number of potential customers, with a very low cost of acquisition - albeit with a lower price point.

A GPO can be a separate entity, or just a group of companies that have joined together to negotiate better prices with suppliers.

Based on the total purchasing power of their members, they negotiate better prices for everyone on a single contract.

As I am working on selling to Universities, I found out the use of GPOs is quite common there - especially in the US & UK.

GPOs can be a good Lead Generation & Sales channel if they are active/available in your target market.

Every Sales activity that has leverage (ie sell once, sell many) Finding opportunities with leverage should be a priority for exploration in any Lead Generation plan Lead Generation Plan

Even before being a Sales opportunity with leverage, GPOs can be good data sources for your Lead Generation Plan Lead Generation Plan as they will sometimes list their members.