How to run Sales Demos

👷🏼‍♂️ WORK IN PROGRESS 👷🏼‍♂️

Great demo:

  1. use a 'what we heard' slide summarizing their key priorities and challenges

  2. align with new stakeholders on the priorities and challenges to ensure their perspective is heard

  3. ask them about their process before showing how it'd work with your solution

  4. only show features that were directly related to their #1 priority and challenges

  5. start with the most powerful feature first and build momentum as quickly as possible

  6. provide context before showing a feature ie why you're showing it and how it'll help

  7. ask about their team, and their process, so you can effectively multithread ie demo other people who will be impacted by the change

  8. differentiate our solution ie communicate what the differences are and why those differences are important

  9. After showing a feature ask questions like "what was running through your mind as I was showing that?" instead of "any questions?"

  10. set a call as the next step and clearly communicate what the next step would be and why it'd be valuable