Understand and influence the decision-making process

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Most important thing first, let's clarify the spelling: "decision making" or "decision-making"? 😁

It has bothered me for a while, and I finally looked it up.

Both "decision making" and "decision-making" are correct, but "decision-making" is typically used as an adjective to describe a process or activity related to making decisions. For example, "decision-making skills" or "decision-making process". On the other hand, "decision making" is more commonly used as a noun to refer to the act or process of making decisions.

Understanding the decision-making process

Critical pillar of any sales process & good qualification methodology.

The B2B Sales Process

B2B Sales Qualification Methodologies

TODO expand on how to do it / questions.

Influencing the decision-making process

Misleading headline. It's click-bait for a non-audience 😂

You can't change the standard process, but you can find ways with your Champion to use a different process for your specific case - sometimes.

  • priority process for urgencies
  • keep contract amount under X to benefit from a simpler & quicker process
  • or agree to split the deal into multiple smaller contracts, for each to benefit from a simpler & quicker process