Cold Emails

archiving some of of my cold email templates

05 Apr 2022

webinar campaign

Used this one as part of a campaign where I had identified the webinar solution with a script using Twitter's API (and the tweets from the webinar organiser with the webinar link): Twittee

I have seen your webinar {webinar_title} using {webinar_provider}.   

Are you happy with them?   

I represent {my_company} which I see as the next generation webinar platform.   

Our clients confirm that we are more modern, flexible, cheaper and easier to do business with :)    

It would be worth for {company_name} to assess before recommitting time and money with {webinar_provider}.   

Who would be the best contact? 
And when does your contract expire? - so we can connect at the right time this year.  

Email #3:

Here are some of the differences with {webinar_provider}:   
Beyond just cost savings, if any of the above resonates with you, who should I discuss this with at {company_name}?  

picture this, picture that

Picture this:
[analogy to help prospect understand the shortcomings of their current solution]

This is you now using {current_product}.  

Now picture that:

[analogy to help prospect understand the benefit of your solution]   

This could be you with {my_product}.


You can't tell upfront, with someone you have never met or discussed with, "We can help you".

Instead, one should say "We help {persona like you}", or more specifically "You remind me of {someone specific in the same role} we helped."