Testing Chatbot Prompts for B2B Sales

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Trap-setting questions

11 Apr 2023

I am selling a solution against a competitor who has the following weaknesses. List trap-setting questions I can ask my prospect who is using my competitor's solution. Provide your output as a csv file with 2 columns and one row per trap-setting question. Output as code block so i can easily copy/paste in CSV file.

Here are the headings for the CSV file:
weakness in first column
question in second column

And here the weaknesses of the competitor:
- high fees
- integration limitations
- lack of customer support
- lack of participant support
- confusing experience
- issues when embedding
- payment issues

13 Apr 2023

You are the top Sales expert when it comes to effective outbound Sales email campaigns that drive the best response rate in the industry.

You are working now for a company called Dryfta (see https://dryfta.com) who sells an all-in-one event management platform. It's success so far has been mostly with Universities and Associations, but it is looking to ensure Enterprise customers are also using it.

Here are the features of the platform:

Physical, Virtual or Hybrid Events | Event registration | Ticketing & Online payments | Abstract management | Badge printing | Email Marketing | Projects & Tasks management | Interactive Program Schedule | Surveys | Digital marketing & Social media | Event CRM | Attendees Engagement | Event Reporting | Event Apps | Multi-lingual | 3rd Party Integration | Website management & more.

The goal is to write the best cold email possible, that yields the best response rate.

Provide your feedback on the below email as initial cold email to a new prospect, followed by your suggestions as to how to improve it:



Subject: Elevate {event_title} with Dryfta's All-in-One Event Management Solution

Hi {first},

I came across {event_title} and noticed that you're using Eventbrite for event management. While Eventbrite is a popular choice, you may be missing out on features that could help streamline your event planning process and enhance your attendees' experience.

As a top sales expert at Dryfta, I'd like to introduce you to our all-in-one event management platform, designed specifically for conferences, symposiums, and corporate events. Our platform has helped numerous universities and associations streamline their event management and increase attendee engagement.

With Dryfta, you'll have access to features like:

Physical, Virtual or Hybrid Events
Event Registration & Ticketing with Online Payments
Advanced Abstract Management
Email Marketing & Digital Marketing Integration
Projects, Tasks, and Surveys
Attendee Engagement Tools
Comprehensive Event Reporting
Customizable Event Apps
Multilingual Support
3rd Party Integrations
And much more...
I'd love to offer you a personalized demonstration to explore how Dryfta could benefit {event_title} and help you manage all aspects of your event seamlessly.

Would you be available for a 15-minute call sometime next week? If so, please let me know your preferred time, and I'd be happy to schedule it.

Looking forward to helping you elevate your event management game!




15 Apr 2023

You are the greatest Sales email campaign designer.
You are working for X and engaging clients of a company called Y.
Reword this initial cold email to maximise response rate:

➤ good output / using this.

16 Apr 2023

I have sent this initial cold email to the {title} at {company}:


She replied:

"Yes, {competitor} satisfies what I need it for. If ever this is not the case I will reach out."

You are the greatest salesperson on earth.

What would you answer her?

➤ pretty good output, will use with some editing:

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email. I'm glad to hear that Eventbrite is currently meeting your needs.

While I understand that you're satisfied with Eventbrite, I just wanted to mention a few key features that Dryfta offers beyond Eventbrite's capabilities. These features may be beneficial for your events in the future:

Comprehensive abstract and paper management: Dryfta streamlines the entire submission, review, and selection process for abstracts and papers, saving you time and resources.

Personalized event apps: With Dryfta, you can create a custom-branded mobile app for your conference, giving attendees an engaging and interactive experience.

Advanced networking tools: Dryfta's platform provides attendees with personalized recommendations for sessions, speakers, and other attendees, fostering connections and collaboration.

In-depth analytics: Our platform provides detailed insights into attendee behavior, session attendance, and overall event performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for future events.

I completely respect your current satisfaction with Eventbrite, and there's no pressure to make a change at this time. However, should you ever find yourself looking for additional features or a more comprehensive event management solution, I'd be happy to discuss how Dryfta could benefit your conferences and symposia.

Please feel free to keep my contact information on hand, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Dryfta in the future.

Wishing you the best of luck with your upcoming events!

Best regards,


18 Apr 2023 more for programming but for reference re approach

You are the world's best programmer.
I will provide you with code in a separate input and the questions in yet separate inputs.
Do not answer until I say GO.
When you do answer, provide only the code in a code block, with inline comments.
Keep those main instructions for any questions from me in this chat.

When you are learning, last line can be replaced with: "Explain step-by-step the logic of your code changes."

Learning to code & coding have become so much easier in the last few months.

(and that is also why ChatGPT's $20/fee is valuable - higher availability for access anytime & to do longer sequenced conversations & tasks)

Now apply that to any knowledge task...

31 May 2023

Bravado launched SalesGPT:


22 Jan 2024 Discovery calls

"I am a salesperson for [your company]. I have a discovery meeting scheduled with the [prospect title] at [prospect company].

A good discovery conversation includes teaching the customer. The goal is to add value, even if they don't buy my product.

What are some insights I can share with the customer on my upcoming call?

Please include:

  • industry trends
  • role trends
  • use case trends"

25 Jan 2024


3 prompts that gave amazing results in less than 5 minutes to have a crystal clear understanding of your ICP and how to reach out to them.

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘁 𝟭:

"I sell [define product] to companies. These are the outcomes we provide:

  1. Help companies [insert value prop 1]
  2. Help companies [insert value prop 2]
  3. Help companies [insert value prop 3]
  4. Help companies [insert value prop 4]

What departments within companies should I target for my sales outreach?"

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘁 𝟮:

"For each of those departments, please summarize the below points. Return the data in tabular format, with the below points as column headers. Each department will have its own row.

Here are the points to summarize:
1. What individuals in each department care about as it relates to business outcomes
2. How individuals in each department spend their time to achieve business outcomes
3. What individuals in each department often struggle with to achieve those business outcomes
4. How the solution I sell may be able to help individuals in each department"

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘁 𝟯:

"Now, let's write four prospecting emails: one for each department. Here's the outline to follow when writing each email:

1st sentence needs to evoke emotion from the recipient by describing a painful problem they are currently facing that our solution can solve.

2nd sentence needs to describe how they are likely trying to solve that problem and why it may be insufficient.

3rd sentence needs to describe how our solution could solve the problem presented in sentence 1 better than how they are trying to solve it as described in sentence 2.

4th sentence needs to ask if they are interested to learn more about how we could help. Each email needs to be fewer than 150 words and written at a 5th grade reading level."